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We’re properly psyched to have Ana Hine back for our third issue launch party! Ana read at the launch of Marbles #2 and we immediately loved her work and knew we wanted to hear more from her.


Ana is a former reporter who now spends her time doing activism, writing poetry and making zines. Artificial Womb is a zine she concocted while trying to blow off steam during a holiday from work, a publication she revived after losing her job because of a nervous breakdown [bosses: educate yourselves on work-related mental illness]. After a successful Kickstarter to get Artificial Womb up and running, it’s now a monthly zine and covers a whole range of important topics: beauty standards, feminism, sexuality, homophobia and gamergate, to name a few.  


What drew us to Ana when we saw her perform was her vulnerability and openness. Her work is raw and powerful, and—importantly given tonight’s film—she speaks with candour about living with Borderline Personality Disorder.


We’ll hear more from Ana in upcoming blogs, but, for now, you can learn about her work by following these two handy links: one and two.


Don’t forget, you can reserve your free tickets for our Marbles #3 launch party HERE.


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