We’ve previously introduced you to Ana Hine – one of our wonderful panellists, who’ll be chatting with us after our screening of Girl, Interrupted.

We’re super pleased that one of her poems, ‘I Never Promised You a Rose Garden’ has been shortlisted for the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival Writing Awards, in partnership with Bipolar Scotland.

Ana has very kindly shared with us another of her poems.




My bed becomes my whole world

On the days when my depression hits.

Perspective shifts and narrows.

I am an invalid.


I wallow and roll. Moaning.

When will this end?

Sleep, sleep till tomorrow.

There must come a day again when I will wake and rise


And leave the house.


Drifting through hours of inadequacy.

How can I do anything?

When I am so… ugly. Or stupid. Or weak.

This sick joke. I could just wait and die.

I could. Just wait.


But then. Life goes on.

And the letters from the council get more urgent.

The sick note must be picked up from the GP in person

Before the money comes in.

And sent. By post. A post box must be found.

Wandering in dressing gown down into town.

Automatic payments in and out.


At least the voices haven’t started again.

It’s been… five years? Ten?

Since. And the self-harm is under control.

It’s been almost seven weeks!

And yet. Any time it could hit.

Slits of red raised pain, up arms, across veins.

Take the pills from the doctor.



The SMHAF Writing Awards take place on Wed 23 May at St George’s Tron Church in Glasgow. Free entry, grab a ticket HERE.