Editing your life is nothing new. We present so much of ourselves online, each social media feed is heavily curated to present the highly stylised image we want to portray. But what if you had the final say? Sad Clowns explores what would happen if you could decide precisely how people would remember your life once it’s over.


There’s a camera set up and someone has hit Record. Two people attempt to preserve their memories through sports commentary, reality TV and a seductive death tango, but nothing really fits. He is keen to find a solution that works; she thinks the whole endeavour is posturing bullshit.


The two-handed cast have incredible chemistry mixed with a deadpan humour that keeps the concept from becoming too eager. They twist and turn around each other, throwing barbs like knives and getting surprised when they pierce skin.


It’s a touchy subject, the concept of truth in a world where everything can be faked, and it’s uncomfortable to imagine this extending long after death. Sad Clowns tackles this uneasiness head on, forcing viewers to take a look at authenticity and reality before it’s too late.


Until Fri 10 Aug, theSpace @ Jurys Inn, 10.50am, free.