Funeral Flowers blooms and flourishes through the rooms of a flat. From cluttered kitchen to sparse bedroom, the scent of lilies and sunflowers cling to Angelique’s words. They’re easy to embrace: jagged, tuneful, they scrawl crude pictures of the people and places in her life.


Her Mum’s in prison, her Dad isn’t around, and her boyfriend is caught up in some shady shit. Still, Angelique has her floristry, but through no fault of her own, she is lied to, exploited and abused. Her lyrical spoken word clashes with hip hop’s staccato rhythms and pulls her forward like the lifeline she needs.


Funeral Flowers is a beautifully presented illustration of a woman whose strength and determination see her through dark times until she is allowed to blossom.


Until Sat 25 Aug (not 21), Pleasance Pop-Up: Power Play HQ, 2.30pm, £12 (£10).