Marbles Happy Things Podcast

Introducing . . . Marbles Happy Things




Marbles Happy Things is a collection of coping mechanisms by the people for the people.


On our podcast, we chat with a different guest each time about their Happy Thing. Our Happy Things are defined as an activity you turn to whenever you need a pick-me-up. Something that lets you forget about the hellscape we call a world these days and gives you the wee rush of endorphins you need to get back on an even keel.


We’re a judgement-free zone on Marbles Happy Things. Whatever does it for you is fine by us. Some examples of Happy Things could include eating chips, preparing and cooking a good meal, playing SimCity 4, and that one bit in ‘Octopus’s Garden’ where the harmonies align to create a moment of pure pop perfection.


Our first podcast airs on Sun November 18th – and our beautiful first guest is none other than Mr Simon Jay himself.


So whether you’re driving, trying to sleep, working out or just chilling – join us in celebrating small moments of joy with Marbles Happy Things.