Marbles #3




Alice Tarbuck
Ritual: Magic habits and anxiety

Arusa Qureshi
Interview with Ananya Birla

Becca Inglis
Self-care through flexible work

Kirstyn Smith
Interview with Dave Chawner

David Mackay
Fragments of grief

David Pollock
Interview with Adam Stafford

Eleanor Reid
The price of salt

Jo Marjoribanks
There’s a gremlin in my stomach

Jonatha Kottler
I wrote my way out

Laura Waddell
KZNHD: Anxiety at the optician

Lilith Cooper
Mad & bad




Kirstyn Smith
Interview with Lily Asch

Loly Keeley
Healthy, but not at this size

Ricky Monahan Brown
Attitudes are the real disability

Sarah Louise Kelly
Wild and kind

Shamso Abdirahman
Talking to an old white man in a chair

Sharon Jones
Breaking free

Stella Hervey Birrell

Kirstyn Smith
Interview with Trigger

Yasemin Fischer
When maths gives you panic attacks

Rachel Rowan Olive
Benzo & Jerry’s

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'Healthy, but not at this size' by Lola Keeley

'I wrote my way out' by Jonatha Kottler