Liza Treyger’s self-aware show, In the Weeds, is all about that early-30s moment of realisation. What’s going on, what am I doing, am I ever going to find love? We had a chat with her about addiction, confronting bad feelings and turning into Bridget Jones.


On what to expect from the show

My show will be personal with lots of jokes and some dirty asides with a lot of crowd work and in-the-moment chats. I talk about therapy, my family, dating, vices, and – always – jizz. 


On turning into Bridget Jones

Oh, I just feel this year I was like, ‘OMG, all my friends are partnered up and getting married and I wouldn’t want that now, but I’m just alone and chubby and making all the wrong choices’ – it was this moment where I had to admit that I’d better work on all my shit, cause I’m still young and then achieve the true life I want or just keep ruining my life. What a run on sentence but, hey. I have to leave my house and take care of myself.


On In the Weeds and mental illness

I think we’re all nuts and the luckiest of all people get to be introspective and grow and work on ourselves. I talk about self destructive behaviours and the inability to make the right choices and how we’re all just such products of our raising. 


On laughing at difficult times

I think it’s important to find the funny in everything. I’m sure it makes people feel less alone when they relate to someone’s jokes in a meaningful way and then also laugh at their tough situations. This answer is so sincere it makes me sick. Laughing all together in a room with a bunch of people who also can relate must feel freeing and cool.


On confronting mental issues

Writing In the Weeds is helping me confront bad habits and patterns in my behaviour and, kind of, having to be more accountable since i’m letting so many strangers know my goals and issues. It’s helping me make connections with different patterns and where they started and a thread through different things like relationships with family and friends and strangers even and how it affects the narrative you write for yourself. Also, I just feel cool that I’ve become comfortable talking about things that I wasn’t ready to talk about even a year ago – so that feels good. Once you’re able to talk about things, their power of being embarrassing or whatever goes away. I’m less in denial about a lot and feel a lot more self-acceptance. 


On addiction

It’s like using all these different things instead of dealing with emotions. Addictions/vices just keep you busy and away from digging deep or sitting in your feelings actually feeling alone or whatever. So I smoke weed, watch TV and order food in instead of challenging myself, dealing with my inner thoughts and sadness. This all also keeps me cocooned in my home and not out in the world putting myself out there to meet someone. Compulsions stop you from growing, so it’s helped me think before I act. Before I smoke or eat it’s like, ‘Why are you doing this?’


On the Fringe

Come to my show and then go to my friends’ shows too! It’s my first time here, so you can enjoy my excited and naive energy and maybe see me have a breakdown half way through, maybe sooner? Also, I think every night will be different since I like to do crowd work and be in the moment and my style is not linear. Can I just say I’m funny? I’m good. Come see me. And I have really cute dresses! 


On audiences

I want people in pain from laughing too hard. Like cheeks hurt and stomach hurts, that’s the ultimate compliment! When people tell me their cheeks hurt, I love it! I want them feeling inspired to be their full selves and excited to fuck someone that night. Or fuck me. I’d like everyone leaving attracted to me and wanting to marry me. I want people to be happy and introspective! 


Anything else?

Bring me weed, please! 


Liza Treyger: In the Weeds, until Mon 26 Aug (not 13), Underbelly Bristo Square, 10.35pm, £10-£11 (£9-£10)