‘We have to make the most of the things we see and catch them in our thought nets.’ Rob Auton‘s show is centred on talking – about the importance of talking, its sheer mundanity, and the beauty that can come from words.

Auton has mastered the art – he sweeps from conversation into poetry and hurries back out again before we can even grasp what’s happening. He uses words like a potter uses their wheel, spinning banal occurrences into something to really think about.

He play both roles as talker and listener when he’s conversing with himself – ‘You can be yourself when you’re talking to yourself. Twice.’ – and his interpretation of leaves chatting to each other as they succumb to autumn marks the show’s turn towards poignancy.

Auton thinks we should all talk more – he wants to, but doesn’t know how. He, along with many others, is scared to give people an accurate portrayal of him true self. The answer might come in imagining we all live on Jupiter. If we suddenly lost all of Earth’s very real – discussable – wonders, we’d wish we’d talked more. Talked about the most ordinary activities, like eating strawberries and cream with your niece, or watching that one episode of Only Fools and Horses where they sell the pocket watch at auction.

‘I’m a human being,’ he says. ‘I find it quite hard sometimes.’ Talking can help.


Until Sun 26 Aug, Just the Tonic at the Caves, 6.10pm, £5.