Being in love when you’re 17 is the fucking worst. Prom Kween is a high school movie musical pastiche about getting out the other side as mentally unscathed as possible.


The rivalry about who will be crowned Prom Queen is in full swing: will it be mean girl Lexi or underdog Matthew? The musical is smart, self-deprecating and self-referential, but its tongue-in-cheek, heightened stereotypes belie an unpretentious lesson in how easy it can be to be inclusive. Matthew is non-binary, gender neutral toilets are part of the set, and the use of pronouns is discussed via glitter and four-part harmony.


The whole cast slip in and out of playing Matthew, which not only gives the character a fresh set of idiosyncrasies each time he hits the stage, but is a slick commentary on the nature of being non-binary. We recognise the character as Matthew every time, whether he’s played by a tiny, blonde female-presenting person, or a big, beefy male-presenting person. There’s a little bit of Matthew in all of us.


Spritzed in confetti and packed full of RuPaul’s Drag Race allusions, Prom Kween is a three-dimensional, smart-silly celebration of outsiders, misfits, and how good it feels to be your authentic self.


Until Sun 26 Aug, Assembly George Square Gardens, 9.05pm, £13-£14 (£12-£13).