Looking after your own wellbeing, staying mindful and making sure your mental health doesn’t go unchecked are some of the most important things you can do. In Climate Strange, Matt Winning looks at how we can extend this caregiving out towards a world that is slowly heading for disaster.


Most people will be pretty annoyed to realise that the top four things you can do as an individual to lower your carbon footprint are: don’t eat meat, don’t travel by air, don’t drive, and don’t have a child. It’s this final conundrum that Winning is wrestling with: he has a PhD in Climate Change Policy, but is pretty desperate for the number one worst thing he can do to contribute towards the very thing he spends his career warning people against.


Winning blends uni lecture with stand-up in a show detailing the lengths he’s gone to to offset his footprint against having a child. He sold his car, went vegan (for a while), planted trees, changed energy provider – all the good stuff. Climate Strange is more than preaching (often to the converted); Winning packs jokes thickly in between the graphs, evoking Chris McQueer or Paul Dock at times, particularly when talking – completely deadpan – about how much he hates dogs.


There’s no perfect solution, but Winning’s verdict is good enough. We need to work together, to revert back to society’s community roots. Positive changes beget positive changes, and that’s true in all aspects of life, from your health to the future of the planet.


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