Grace, the Former Child is a diminutive figure made bright by their ‘I am a ray of fucking sunshine’ t-shirt. They’re reading mostly from cue cards, but, as they say, they’re allowed to since they’ve got more important things to worry about than learning the show by rote.


That’s a fair statement: Grace lives with autism and bipolar disorder, and identifies as trans (I’m a label collector’, they say). They talk of getting into comedy at a club for children, but soon had to transition to performing for adults as their material was a little too inappropriate for kids. That doesn’t come as a surprise after a few minutes, Grace’s deadpan delivery works perfectly with the kind of dark jokes they come out with (they prepared for an autism test by having a sensory meltdown – that kind of thing).


While some straight-up jokes get big laughs, the show is best when Grace is telling authentic stories about their life, particularly the non sequiturs thrown in, which bring a pleasing staccato feel to an already-surreal show. It’s their short-but-sweet songs, however, through which their creativity truly shines.


Until Mon 13 Aug, Heroes @ The SpiegelYurt, 2.30pm, £5.