When you’re not up for talking, sometimes it can feel easier to wear your feelings on your chest. We’ve had a look at some of our favourite clothing brands and the items they offer that might go some way to raising the ol’ serotonin levels.



Project Semicolon



You could really go for anything from the Project Semicolon range, but we’re loving the design of this tank top. The semicolon / heart rate / love heart design exemplifies the aim of Project Semicolon: a representation that your story or journey isn’t finished yet. 100% of purchases or donations go towards the project’s mission of education and awareness of suicide prevention.



Sad Ghost Club



The Sad Ghost Club grew from a handful of comics to become a project that creates merchandise, books and clothes that aim to spread positive awareness of mental health. Fans are known as ‘ghosties’, and SGC are all about community, the awareness that you’re not alone, and gently starting conversations about mental health and illness.


Stay Home Club



This Sad Songs tee is a classic from the Stay Home Club brand – for days when you just want to be curled up with the Smiths. They describe themselves as ‘a lifestyle brand for people who have no life’ – perfect if your way of expressing your feelings (good or bad) involves a heavy dose of irony and self-deprecation.






Focus isn’t a mental health brand, but their Fucking Awesome line is a good way to show off your self-positivity without uttering a word. We’re also a big fan of their ‘Nae Bad’ tees – which spoof Supreme in the best possible way. Because sometimes it’s nice to revel in your happiness and serve up self care chic.



Wild Fang



All we’ve ever wanted for Christmas is something – anything – from Wild Fang. Their tees are spectacular, their shirts cool af, and their suits are on another level. This ‘I Really Care’ tee is inspired by the First Lady’s ill-advised ‘I Really Don’t Care’ parka. A little bit political, it also lets your pals know you’re there, open, and ready to chat.