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Interview: Courtney Cook – The Way She Feels

Courtney Cook is a a writer and illustrator from Winnetka, Illinois. Her first book, The Way She Feels, is a smart, funny graphic memoir about living with BPD. In it, Courtney details not just the treatments and hospitalisations, but the moments in which she finds joy...

Marbles Happy Things Live: Gears for Queers

As someone who is yet to see the disaster that is the Cats movie, I have to admit I feel a little left out when it comes to Rita, Lily and Abi’s love for the whole thing. The livestream begins with a song from the film, and the three all grooving out.  ‘You remind me...

Marbles Happy Things Live: Rebecca Wojturska

Becky’s just dyed her hair bright orange. It looks ace (a bit like Hayley Williams) but she’s glad she’s still on lockdown. ‘I bought the dye before lockdown thinking I’d have some great lockdown hair,’ she says. ‘But then I started thinking I should actually wait...

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